About Kiwi Sandblasting

Kiwi sandblasting and Painting has been around since 1999 providing personalized services to all our customers.

Kiwi sandblasting has completed thousands of successful projects from a wide range of customers from home owners to large company’s and local cities. Our company services the grater phoenix areas please call us today to discuss your job and no obligation free quote.

Every project regardless if its size treated with the same respect and dedicated care. We calculate the dew point with the latest technology and use paint companies specifications. DuPont, Sherwin Williams and old school paints.to recreate the perfect product for our clients. Allow us take away the stress with our tailor made services.

Sandblasting Preparationsandblasting a bost trailer

Abrasive blasting cleaning is a very powerful form of heavy duty cleaning. It can be used to effectively remove rust and paint from metal surfaces bringing them back to a clean finish,ready to be re-painted. It is excellent for cleaning industrial machinery, pipes, vehicles, trucks, boat trailers and much much more so give us a call where here to help.

Protective Coating

To ensure your newly abrasive blasted surface maintains it superb finish for as long as possible, Kiwi Sandblasting and Painting also provides protective coating. A top quality protective coating means a more durable surface there fore less money on repairs in the long run. We offer our own in-house priming service, so that we can protect your newly prepared surface from rusting.

Transport & Equipment


Kiwi Sandblasting And Painting has been the trusted name in the transport and equipment sandblasting for 16 years and running.


Well experienced in abrasive blasting & painting of new and used heavy equipment. From earth moving equipment, tractors, dozers, scrapers excavators, and much more. So give us a call at KIWI Sandblasting & Painting.(tap here) 480-932-0428

Media Blasting Services

Before Big Rig semi sand blasting
Experience Matters!
After Big Rig semi sand blasting
Before Tractor - Best Looking Results!
Before semi frame sand blasting
Before Semi Trucks and Trailers
Before semi frame sand blasting
After Semi Frame looks brand new!
Big projects sand blasting
Big Projects - Ferris Wheel!
after Big projects sand blasting
After Big Projects - Ferris Wheel!

Hey! Want to save money on your sandblasting project? Our media blasting service is going to do just that.