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Kiwi Sandblasting & Paintingkiwi sandblasting & painting for media blasting

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    You can reach us at: 480-932-0428 (Tap here to call)

    3213 S 43rd Ave Phoenix, AZ  85009

    Media Blasting Services

    Before Big Rig semi sand blasting
    Experience Matters!
    After Big Rig semi sand blasting
    Before Tractor - Best Looking Results!
    Before semi frame sand blasting
    Before Semi Trucks and Trailers
    Before semi frame sand blasting
    After Semi Frame looks brand new!
    Big projects sand blasting
    Big Projects - Ferris Wheel!
    after Big projects sand blasting
    After Big Projects - Ferris Wheel!

    Hey! Want to save money on your sandblasting project? Our media blasting service is going to do just that.